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Sweet Melanin Cosmetics

Sweet Melanin Cosmetics is passionate about offering exceptional skincare products that enhance and protect customers' unique beauty, regardless of their skin type. We believe, natural beauty is the best beauty, and our goal is to help customers embrace their unique features and let their inner beauty shine through.

 About the Owner

Diamond La'Che'

Diamond La'che'

Diamond La'Che' is the creator CEO of SMC, also known as Sweet Melanin Cosmetics. Diamond is from Raleigh, N.C. Born and raised. "Growing up in a single-parent household as the youngest of three siblings and only girl, I often found myself sneaking into my mother's makeup, clothes, and shoes." "My mother taught me that true beauty comes from within, and I'm grateful for her wisdom." Diamond was bullied, as a young girl and struggled with self - esteem issues due to her eczema. By the grace of God, Diamond overcame the obstacles that the devil had placed in front of her. Diamond became fascinated more on the way of feeling beautiful naturally, in the skin we're in. since then, Diamond has been in love with natural skincare.

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