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Sweet Melanin Cosmetics

Sweet Melanin Cosmetics is a business with a passion for providing outstanding cosmetic products for customers who possess a variety of skin types. SMC is a company that not only provides great cosmetic products, but I also pride ourselves on protecting and enhancing the customers naturally beauty! SMC refrains from masking the skin and covering up what makes our variety of customers unique! Our goal as a cosmetic provider is to show our customers that natural beauty is the best beauty and the best beauty is the one that shines from within. 

 About the Owner

Diamond La'Che'

Diamond La'che'



     Hello, my name is Diamond La'Che'  the CEO of SMC, best known as Sweet Melanin Cosmetics. I am Strong, I am Smart, I am Beautiful! I've always reminded myself of those things because I felt that I needed to in order to keep pushing. Diamond La'che' is from Raleigh N.C., born and raised. Growing up in a single parent household, being the youngest of two siblings and the only girl. I always found myself sneaking into my mother's makeup, clothes, and shoes (even though I wasn't big enough to fit them). My mother always instilled in me great qualities and stressed the importance of inner beauty."Outer beauty lasts only for a while, but true beauty lasts a lifetime", she'd always say. I'm glad she taught me that because BOY was I going to need it! At a young age, I was bullied. As a young girl, I struggled with self - esteem issues and thoughts of suicide. By the grace of God, I overcame the obstacles that the devil had placed in front of me. I became fascinated more on the way of feeling beautiful naturally, in the skin I'm in.  since then, I've been in love with natural cosmetics. Today I am a graduate of  Chowan University, and now an entrepreneur 

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