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  • Plantain, also known as Greater Plantain, Englishman's Foot, Ripple Grass and Snakeweed, is a broadleaf, low-growing plant native to Europe now naturalized just about everywhere else—including your back yard.

    Serves as:  Anti- inflammatory, Anti- parasitic, Expectorant, Anticatarral.


    Commonly prescribed for conditions including: gastritis, peptic ulcers, diarrhoea, dysentery, irritable bowel syndrome, respiratory catarrh, loss of voice and urinary tract bleeding. (when taken internally)


    Use in Teas: Brew as tea, alone or in combination with other botanicals to enhance flavor.


    Infuse in oil for use in making soaps, lotions, salves and other skin care products. May also be tinctured for topical use.


    Self- help uses: Treat wounds and bruises,Quickly staunches blood flow and encourages the repair of damaged tissue, Treating broken bones, ointment or lotion may be used to treathaemorrhoids, fistylae and ulcers.


    While plantain thrives with little requirements, this little plant has served as a nutritious source of food in times of scarcity. The leaf is abundant in vitamins A and B1 and several minerals, including calcium.


    WARNING: I am NOT a licensed health care professional. To avoid any harmful reactions, please do your own research & consult your health care physician before use of  any herbs, especially if you are already perscribed to other forms of medication. 


    Store in an airtight container in a cool, dark place.

    Certified Organic Plantain Leaf {Platango Major}

    4 Ounces
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