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  • Pau D'Arco is also known as Pink Trumpet and Tabebuia Ipe

    Serves as: Anti-Tumour, Antibacterial, Anti- inflammatory, Anti-Fungal,Antiparasitic, Immune stimulant, and tonic.


    Supresses the growth of Cancer Cells. Used as an all around cure all/antibiotic.


    Use in Teas: Use sparingly in tea blends or encapsulate as a dietary supplement.

    Pau D'Arco can be incorporate into soaps, lotions, body washes and other cosmetics.

    Self- help uses: Tinctured for use as a general disinfectant


    Recommended uses: Take in small dose, no longer than 10days at a time.


    WARNING: I am NOT a licensed health care professional. To avoid any harmful reactions, please do your own research & consult your health care physician before use of  any herbs, especially if you are already perscribed to other forms of medication. 

    Do not use while pregnant or nursing. Due to the presence of vitamin K compounds, this herb may counter the effects of anti-platelet medications.


    While Pau d'arco contains tannins and antioxidant compounds like quercetin, the herb also contains a phenolic compound called lapachol that does present a risk of toxicity if taken in large doses or for a long period of time. The topical use of Pau d'arco, however, is not associated with any adverse side effects.


    Keep in a tightly-sealed container in a cool, dark place.

    Pau D'Arco {Ipe roxi} Powder

    4 Ounces
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