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Cut and sifted Olive leaf herb contains the same antioxidant compounds as olive oil, most notably oleuropein and hydroxytyrosol. It is commonly used for making infusions, teas or as a seasoning.


Use in Teas: Cut and sifted olive leaf is used in herbal tea blends. The herb may also be tinctured.


Infuse in oil for use in soaps, balms, lotions and other body care products.


Self- help uses:  Used to clean wounds, Lower blood pressure, help improve the fuction of circulatory system, treat conditions such as cystitis,  the oil improves the balance of fats within the blood, helps imrpove dry skin.


WARNING: I am NOT a licensed health care professional. To avoid any harmful reactions, please do your own research & consult your health care physician before use of  any herbs, especially if you are already perscribed to other forms of medication. 



Store in a sealed container away from light, heat and moisture.

Olive Leaf {Olea Europaea}

4 Ounces
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